Design Engineering

Providing complete Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Engineering Details with Drawings, Equipment specifications, procurement, Inspection, Erection Supervision, Testing, Commissioning Troubleshooting & efficient running of Plant & Machinery etc. to individual client requirements.
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Energy Economy

Energy Audit, Locating energy wastage points, monitoring energy utilization. Reducing energy costs. Monitoring plant maintenance, machine availability, spares inventory control. Machine life expectancy and replacement scheduling.
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Automation & Controls

Complete execution of PLC-PC Automation systems, preparing Logic charts, Ladder Diagrams, P&I drawings, Hard and Soft Mimics, Field controllers, Remote 10 Terminals etc. Providing end to end solutions. Remote operation of Plant and Machinery, Building Automation.
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SCADA Systems

Aquiring data from PLC & Field equipment. Providing supervisory control, processing aquired data. Generating Alarms & Events Logs, Graphic software Mimics of Plant Showing current status of Machines and allowing remote operation by PC from anywhere. HMI/HMI (Man Machine interface), GUI (Graphic User interface) terminals.
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Switchgear & Controlgear

Switchboards, Distribution Panels, MCC, PCC, LT Panels, Control Desks, Mimic, PLC & IO Panels, Interface Relays, LCC’s etc.
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Protection & Control Relays for Automatic Power Factor Correction, Earth Fault, Over-current, Short Circuit Protection. Interposing Relays for I/O circuits of PLC, Master Trip Relays.
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Reverse Power Relay - ACCUM31/33

An essential Relay when Generators are used in synchronization with other Generators.

When two alternators are running in parallel and if engine of any of the alternators develops trouble then the other good alternator will force drive the damaged engine by making the alternator of the damaged engine run as a motor and thereby result in a severe damage to the second engine.

These Relays provide a sensitive, accurate and economical protection against motoring conditions in diesel alternators and back pressure turbines.

Special Features
This is an induction disc type relay with inverse time characteristics. The inverse time characteristics are specially suited for Diesel Generator set since they provide :-
  • Extremely fast tripping during severe faults.
  • Prevents inadvertent tripping due to short duration of minor motoring action caused by sudden loss of load or due to maladjustment of throttle settings of two engines.
  • It is extremely simple in construction thereby making maintenance most easy.
  • It is immune to voltage surges normally occurring in D.G. Sets.
  • It is type tested to IS-3231
  • It is suitable to operate up to 50° C Ambient temperature which some times do occur in engine rooms.
  • Relays are provided with standard 230V AC auxiliary voltage rating and there is no need to provide auxiliary unless required.
Maximum Torque Angle
Develops maximum torque when the applied voltage lags the applied current by 30° . It can operate even at Extremely Low Power Factors Occurring during severe faults.

Settings & Operating Time
Normally 0-20% continuously adjustable is provided. Timings obtained are in inverse time characteristics.

Current coil 1VA, Voltage coil 10VA

ACCUM31 (single element), ACCUM33 (three element)

Up to 4 pairs of self/hand reset contacts with flag in any combination.

ACCUM31 – 170W x 235H x 175D mm (150 x 220mm cutout) ACCUM33 – 475W x 265H x 176D mm (435 x 222mm cutout)





Hybrid Automation Systems

Highly dependable Automation systems with standby conventional manual controls. Specially designed for industries where skilled technicians are not available.
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Recipe Control & Batch Operations

Operating Plant & Machinery to produce specified quality of products to selected recipes. Preventing human errors. Controlling Blending, Dosing and process operations.
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End to End solutions from inception to Economic operation of industry. Building and Hotel Automation enhancing comfort at lower costs. Turnkey execution of Electrification and Automation control projects, including design, engineering, providing man and materials, monitoring, testing and commissioning, production and economy control of the systems.
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Data Logging

Direct acquisition (DAQ & DCS) of production, operation, instrumentation, alarm & events data from machines and field instruments. Storing and processing aquired data, generating production and economy statements and reports. Logging and monitoring violation of set values.
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Software Engineering

Custom Built commercial & Technical Software for enhancing and optimization of Business, including inventory control, cost analysis data, quality control etc.
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Web Services

Website design & development, updating & renovation, free hosting, domain registration, website promotion & marketing, free consultation, multimedia services, e-commerce solutions, database development, internet solutions
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